Tough Crowd on the Beach Last Night

Nothing is more fun than flying kites at the beach with all the glorious scenery around. What is better than sand, sky, and water. Nothing is less fun, however, than encountering a drunken brawl on the sand. I can attest to this for a fact since this is what happened to me last week. I was out with friends enjoying the weather at the shore, when a group of strangers approached from the back. They started arguing among themselves and soon it was a veritable melee. We tried to avoid them but they drew close, ostensibly hoping to bait us and expand the fight. I have always had horrors about what can happen at the beach in the late afternoon and I have thought about a self defense weapon that isn’t a gun, like these: When there is beer or liquor, there is trouble. The beach brings out the beast in some men.

I have acquired a stun gun and know how to use it. It works at a range of up to 15 feet so if you see trouble coming, you can nip it in the bud. I know that it inflicts enough pain to immobilize a wild and crazy guy for a minute or two while you take off in the opposite direction. If you like to take risks, you can enter the riot and use your fists. Knowing the thugs that roam the beach, I wouldn’t advise it.

I didn’t have to counterattack last night and had the good fortune to have some tough friends along. Their size alone was a deterrent. When they saw my stun gun, they turned and fled. I have used the weapon once before years ago and have always carried it with me. I tuck it into a jean pocket or in the little one sewn inside my swim trunks. It gives me a feeling of safety to know it is there. I have never studied a martial art so that could not help me out in a pinch.

I was irritated that my friends and I had to stop flying kites early because of the small unruly mob. As we packed up to leave, I could see them in the distance harassing another group around a firepit. I felt sorry for them and wondered if any carried pepper spray or a stun gun. Shouting and yelling doesn’t help on the beach. No one hears you and most people are too far away to intercede. I took a last look as I started the car and could see two separate groups forming sides. A fight was looming in the distance, but I had to get away. I don’t like to look trouble in the face. I stashed my kite in the back of my van and sped off. The next meeting of my kite group was far better. Kids and families populated the sand and no drunkards were in site.

DIY repairs

Flying a kite is an exuberant experience. You literally put your entire body into it as you run like mad, as fast as you can go, with the wind. This can take its toll on delicate clothing. My kite club members and I have an assortment of holes in our t-shirts, some of which are our favorites, and we don’t want to toss them away. We having matching club shirts that we wear on numerous occasions. Those get the most damage. There are a lot of DIY repairs to be made, but not all of us are handy with a basic needle and threat. You would think so owning kites that can get torn! Some resort to sewer’s tape for the clothing, or the kites. We decided we needed to do a proper job of it so it wouldn’t look hand done and unsightly. We vowed to look for a heavy duty sewing machine. This way, we could patch holes in our kites as well, something we really care about. You can always get new t-shirts. Good kites, that’s another matter. Especially the ones we have made ourselves. We have a soft spot in our hearts for them. We are not going to let them go quietly into the sky to an undeserved death. No, we are going to recycle them to the nth degree.

So where do you get a cheap sewing machine. Well, you can ask your mother. But mine said flatly “no.” The same was said by Aunt Sue and grandma. They treasure there old Singer machines. They’ve used them for thirty or forty years. You can go to a used furniture store, a Good Will center, or look at ads in the paper or on line. I discovered dozens that way. The question is, which one would I like. It had to be in good serviceable condition. I might DIY my clothes, but I haven’t a clue about fixing a sewing machine. If you had to take it to a professional shop, that would add considerably to the base price. So I had to be able to see the machine in person and get a first-hand demonstration. I wouldn’t operate it myself since I was going to learn as I go. I had to trust the former owner that the machine was workable and no parts were missing. So I would buy a cheap sewing machine based first on price (now I had a good conception of what it should be with no necessary repairs), second, on appearance, and third, on the demonstration that would have to be to my satisfaction using fabrics similar to those found in kites.

I did spend a few Saturday afternoons in my search but it was well worth the effort. I had to drive here and there to find some local machines for sale that fit my criteria. Eureka. I was successful. I found a couple to choose from and selected the one from the person I trusted the most. Easy!

Early Warning System

My kite club has a power inverter they like to use when they’re out flying kites so that they can power a laptop to get weather conditions on it. It is like a mini generator that uses one source to power another. An early warning we heard about on the Internet helped us avoid an ugly storm a month or so ago. It could have been dicey up there in the wild blue yonder and we wouldn’t have had a clue. We could have had a jumble of messed up, torn to shred kites.

Fortunately, a club member with a power inverter in his car thought enough to bring it along so we could get the heads up on the weather. We had been told a storm was brewing the day before (we always like to check that out regularly), but a lot of times these ephemeral things just don’t materialize. We needed an actual bona fide update. With our club inverter, we could power his laptop and get real time reports. If we had been lazy about it, we would not have been able to avoid the coming storm. We were able to pack up our kites and gear in no time flat and make tracks for home.

The AIMS Power 7000 watt heavy duty power inverter he owns converts 24 volt dc to 240vac. This single phase power inverter is truly one of kind in case you are in the market. Currently this power inverter is being used in many different applications around the globe—not just in our little kite club. If you need a reliable source of 240Vac power, this dc to ac power inverter is the right choice for you, as it is for us.

Due to the design of this inverter, it has the ability to handle 240V AC well pumps that are run off grid. There are not many solutions available to supply power for water in remote areas. The AIMS Power 7000 watt 24 volt to 240v power inverter is built tough for daily use so the brochure says. You can count on this inverter, it is one of the most reliable 240V single phase inverters produced.

Also, this inverter is a truly global inverter as it has the ability to output either 60 Hz or 50 Hz. The model comes equipped with a select-able frequency switch making it ideal for European and African applications where 50 Hz is needed. I don’t think our club has such a trip planned, but we could if we wanted to! I was impressed enough to make mention of it.

Keep in mind if you need a split phase inverter, this unit will not support two legs of 120V AC. It will only run 240V devices, so if you need to support appliances or pumps in your off-grid house that run on 240V, this inverter will work great for you.