Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Flying kites is an art form. Those who think it’s just for kids, have obviously never tried it either as kids or adults. It’s not some ridiculous staring at a kite up there in the sky until your neck gets stiff and your arms get sore, it’s much more imaginative than that. To them I just want to say, ‘Have some imagination, people!’

Where would the world be without imagination? Would we have gone to the moon? Or achieved all these amazing things like discovering electricity or inventing the Internet? Flying kites sounds banal, but when you try it and feel the exhilaration, you will find that you’re wrong. It’s actually very addicting. Not to the point of being dangerous, though, don’t worry.

There is one downside to it and that is its dependence on the weather. Sometimes here in Australia, it rains for days on end, like this week, and I’m practically unable to do anything with my kite, but stare at it. I’m a little bummed on those days, but I try to keep myself occupied. I’m either making new kites or repairing some old ones, but I also like doing other non-kite related things, like tending to my garden or reading the newspaper and doing crosswords.

Last time it was this rainy I got so frustrated that I started fixing things around the house. First I fixed two squeaky steps on the stairs, and then I spent hours checking our tankless water heater for mechanical faults, because it kept overheating. Finally, I fixed it and I felt very pleased with myself. But these days there’s nothing left to fix around the house, so maybe I’ll try reading a book. I have a lot of them stacked on my shelves but I rarely read them. Maybe today is the day.

My ultimate goal is to participate in The Festival of the Winds. I go see the shows every year but I’ve never been a participant. I think I’ll need to put together a team and make a spectacular kite, but I haven’t found the right idea for it yet, plus, making a gigantic kite and really nailing it takes up a lot of time and you can’t do it alone. Most of my kite flying friends do it recreationally and aren’t really interested in participating in The Festival of the Winds, but it’s fine. On rainy days like this, I have enough time to figure it out!