Tough Crowd on the Beach Last Night

Nothing is more fun than flying kites at the beach with all the glorious scenery around. What is better than sand, sky, and water. Nothing is less fun, however, than encountering a drunken brawl on the sand. I can attest to this for a fact since this is what happened to me last week. I was out with friends enjoying the weather at the shore, when a group of strangers approached from the back. They started arguing among themselves and soon it was a veritable melee. We tried to avoid them but they drew close, ostensibly hoping to bait us and expand the fight. I have always had horrors about what can happen at the beach in the late afternoon and I have thought about a self defense weapon that isn’t a gun, like these: When there is beer or liquor, there is trouble. The beach brings out the beast in some men.

I have acquired a stun gun and know how to use it. It works at a range of up to 15 feet so if you see trouble coming, you can nip it in the bud. I know that it inflicts enough pain to immobilize a wild and crazy guy for a minute or two while you take off in the opposite direction. If you like to take risks, you can enter the riot and use your fists. Knowing the thugs that roam the beach, I wouldn’t advise it.

I didn’t have to counterattack last night and had the good fortune to have some tough friends along. Their size alone was a deterrent. When they saw my stun gun, they turned and fled. I have used the weapon once before years ago and have always carried it with me. I tuck it into a jean pocket or in the little one sewn inside my swim trunks. It gives me a feeling of safety to know it is there. I have never studied a martial art so that could not help me out in a pinch.

I was irritated that my friends and I had to stop flying kites early because of the small unruly mob. As we packed up to leave, I could see them in the distance harassing another group around a firepit. I felt sorry for them and wondered if any carried pepper spray or a stun gun. Shouting and yelling doesn’t help on the beach. No one hears you and most people are too far away to intercede. I took a last look as I started the car and could see two separate groups forming sides. A fight was looming in the distance, but I had to get away. I don’t like to look trouble in the face. I stashed my kite in the back of my van and sped off. The next meeting of my kite group was far better. Kids and families populated the sand and no drunkards were in site.