Perfect Day Today

A day under the blue skies of summer is pure bliss. No wonder we are poised for action the moment the first day of summer comes. And it can’t be too soon. All spring long, you wait for those glorious moments that only kite flying in summer can bring. You guessed my passion! You bask in the sun and take in the surrounding vista, all while sailing your favorite kite. There is never a day that isn’t perfect for such an endeavor. When you have several choices of location, it isn’t hard to find the ideal one that fits your current mood. On this particular day in question that I care to share with you, I had an entire day at my leisure disposal. That is a rare treat. No work commitments, no errands, no family obligations, not even walking the dog. I was ready for a great day of flying kites with friends. We decided to pair the outing with a nice group picnic. I spend the early morning making sandwiches and a batch of ice cold homemade lemonade, which I was going to bring along in my portable cooler along with the lunch fare. I even baked some chocolate chip cookies in keeping with the carefree atmosphere of the upcoming day. They smelled divine.

And a perfect day it was. Hours flew by quickly as we indulged in our favorite pastime. It seemed way too soon that we had to pack it all up and head home. The first chore was to rinse out the messy cooler in my over-sized kitchen sink. Fortunately, I had a convenient Moen pull-down faucet to take care of the job. It was a housewarming gift from mom. It featured Reflex: A technological innovation created based on input from actual pull down faucet users, this feature, the hallmark of the faucet, is made to work the way you do. Featuring exceptional range of motion, the spray wand swivels to optimize maneuverable range. Only pulldown faucets with the Reflex system will retract back to the docked position from any distance without assistance. Compared to other pulldown designs, Reflex also makes the spray head up to 40% easier to unlatch. I also love the spot resistant finish so fingerprints and water spots are not permanent fixtures on your beautiful faucet. When you have big things to rinse like a cooler, it is nice that the faucet has pause buttons that allow the home owner to interrupt the water flow while moving the spout outside the sink. The functionality makes these faucets ideal for watering plants, filling large pots and cleaning up.

Thanks to mom, I took care of the cooler in no time flat and I was off to more important matters: sending photos of my glorious kite flying day out on Instagram and Facebook. I hope to encourage more people to enjoy similar days. Once they see the pics, they will know why I am absolutely hooked.