I’m Getting Old

Why buy an inversion table? To relieve back pain—relax muscles, rejuvenate disks and reduce pressure; ease stress—relieve tension in shoulders, neck and back; increase flexibility–improve functional fitness for an active and healthy lifestyle; and build core strength—strengthen target muscles with special inversion exercises. They say a daily routine will really keep your back in shape. Why am I touting an inversion table so heavily? Because I just bought one. Isn’t it human nature to justify big expenditures so we feel good about them and don’t regret the money spent? In my case, I feel it is definitely worthwhile. I had been having some back soreness. Maybe a few kite runs pulled it this way and that. I decided to visit a chiropractor, thinking I just might be getting old. Ha! Not quite. And if he tells me I am, I will never stop flying kites. It is just a figure of speech. I have the back of an older person, hopefully just temporarily. He suggested a program of inversion exercises with a professional; and if this was going to be a regular occurrence, I should get my own table. This was an easy decision because the store allows you to try the table out at no charge for two weeks. You can return it or keep it as you like.

After the two weeks, I was feeling pretty fit. Even after the first few days, I was sensing immediate results. After a long day of sitting at the computer, for example, I was building up stress in my lower back. The inversion exercises helped to melt that stress away. Having been experiencing recurrent bouts of lower back pain, this was good news indeed. I noticed an improvement in my overall well-being. When the pain returned here and there, I would hop on an inversion table for another session. It worked. No wonder people laud this new approach to physical fitness. It doesn’t take long to learn the exercises and you only need a pro with you in the beginning to make sure you are doing it right. Once you are sure you won’t injure yourself, you can be on your own in the privacy of your own home, wherever you decide the place the table. It could be the garage, the rec room, the spare bedroom, the patio outside. It is wise to make sure it is covered from the elements and you can always use a big tarp. If you use it daily, for chronic back problems, you should have it pretty handy.

Inversion is a new science that is not completely known or understood as yet. Putting your body in certain reverse positions seems ingenious. The spine is a tricky area and I am sure a lot of thought has gone into this invention. When on the table doing the required moves I can practically feel my spinal column go “aah.” It was a hundred and fifty dollars very well spent.