A beautiful balmy day. There is a slight bit of wind arising. You better believe that the kite flyers are out in droves. Everyone has a favorite spot whether it is the beach or a nearby park. What is the great attraction? Probably being outdoors enjoying the weather and a bit of personal rest and relaxation. It is also the challenge of getting that thing in the air, and keeping it afloat. It takes a bit of skill. It also depends on the type of kite, in other words, its design. There are a million varieties. I like to take a few with me and see what works best under the circumstances. I hope you would say I am beyond the novice stage. While I venture into kite boarding and kite buggying, sometimes I like the good old fashioned type, you know, the kind kids use. I know kids who build their own and I am proud of them. That can be something to master; but when you are successful and the thing is buoyant in the air, there is a special kind of pride.

A friend of mine and I went out together to fly something he had personally crafted. This might give you a good laugh. We elected to try a little experimentation. We took along a large portable electric fan to see if it would help control the kite better. No kidding! This seems implausible, but there may be some science to it. You can imagine that we got many stares from startled kite fans. A few ventured up to ask what on earth did we have in mind? It was a nice way to meet some new people.

You may be thinking about power but we had that figured out. We took along a small generator so we didn’t have to worrying about where to plug the thing in. I don’t know the physics of what we were doing, but amazingly, I do think the outdoor floor fan helped get the kite moving in the right direction. It wasn’t that there was no wind that day, there was. It was in the interest of pure experimentation. Heaven knows who came up with the idea first, but we were collaborators in this venture together. We had a fun day moving the fan about and placing it near to the kite as it began to sail away. We at the very least had a good story to tell.

When we got home, we realized that we had left the fan in the park. Yikes! After all our efforts, we had to get it back. We drove in a frenzy hoping it would still be there and that no one made off with it in the hopes that they would have similar luck. But alas. It was safe and sound. As we approached the spot, we did have one person ask if he could borrow it. Our experimentation seemed to have some new takers.