Kite Festivals Around Australia

One of my favorite things to do is attend kite festivals. It’s always a nice day to be outside with other kite enthusiasts, take some time to admire other kites or maybe pick up a few pointers, and just enjoy this great hobby. I recommend these kinds of events to everyone, even if you’ve never put a kite in the air. There are so many colorful kites to see, new people to meet, and activities for the whole family that it is worth the trip no matter what!

There are loads of kite festivals around Australia, but here are a few that you might find of interest:

The Adelaide Kite Festival, located at Semaphore Beach, is held annually and is typically over Easter weekend. They had a photographer at the festival this past year and his pictures were amazing.

Less than an hour outside of Melbourne, the Rosebud Kite Festival held somewhere around the middle of March, had a land kiting demo this past year with kites so big they needed to be anchored to vehicles. They also had kite buggying for the first time!

There’s also the newer (this year was the first year) Murray Bridge Kite Festival. This kid-friendly event took place at the end of April this year, had a lot of community involvement, and hopefully will become an annual event.

Festival of the Winds at Bondi has been a part of the Australian Kiteflyers Society’s activities for 38 years. Held in early to mid-September, the Festival of the Winds is the largest kite festival in all of Australia. It attracts kite flyers of all levels and pros from all over the world. This colourful event has kite making workshops and children’s rides. This is kite festivals at its best, and honestly, if you only get to attend one, make it this one. It is amazing. I have been going on and off for a few years and it is always a bit of a heartbreak when I can’t make it.

The first Gold Cost International Festival of Kites was held at the Kirra Foreshore at the end of this past September. This was a well-organized festival lasting two days, and I certainly hope it continues every year so that I can make one or two.

In mid-October, there is the Brisbane Kite Festival, hosted at Murarrie Recreation Ground. This event, sponsored by local Rotary Clubs, the Phoenix Kite Collective, and the city council, typically attracts about 2000 people. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than eating good food and flying my kite alongside a pro!

The Marulan Kite Festival, at the end of October, will be held at Tony Onions Park. They are having a Children’s Pet Show, a vintage car display, as well as a cake and cookie competition. Seriously. Kites, cakes, and cookies. What’s better than that?

Those are some of the biggest and best kite festivals in the area, but there are always more. Local kiting associations likely will put on more events worth checking out throughout the year, so pull up your local group’s calendar to see what is happening in your area.