Favorite Kite Flying Locations

What makes a location good for kite flying? It’s a pretty good question and hopefully you will be able to find a good location using the tips below:

First, the things you want to stay away from:

  • power lines.
  • airports and flight paths.
  • trees or other things that like to “eat” kites like snarly thorn bushes and dogs.
  • Roads.
  • Locations packed full of people/vehicles/animals so that kite flying would be a nuisance.
  • tall buildings that will block the wind.

Yes I am aware that rules out a lot of places. But you’ll avoid damaging your kite and other people’s property, while also avoiding interfering with planes, being run over, electrocution, and breaking the law. So you’re welcome for that.

And now on to the things you should look for:

  • A wide, open space with enough room for you to fly.
  • Somewhere with good wind access
  • A space free of anything you’re afraid the kite might crash into and break/damage (windows, vehicles, and that sort of thing).

I’m not as lucky as some people in that I don’t have access to a lot of land where I live, and the land that is around tends to have lots of trees or people or roads too close by, so I travel around to fly my kite. I don’t mind, but that does mean I prefer sites that have amenities because I’m planning to hang out there for a good bit of time. Personally, I am a fan of flying kites on beaches because you’re close to the water, there are usually facilities there for eating/drinking/restrooms and parking.  I went to the Coolum Kite Festival a few years back and got pretty hooked on flying out by Stumers Creek. It’s a beautiful place to spend a slightly windy day. Parking isn’t too bad, either. The only thing you have to watch is dogs. Usually, safety is the concern of both fliers and dog owners, but hey, dogs want to swim too, and sometimes they get excited. So you’ve been warned.

I also really like Pelican Park. Free parking is something I can always get behind, first of all. The field is grassy and the water is right there next to you, something else that I love, especially if I don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of beach sand for whatever reason that day. I don’t typically have any trouble with the winds when I am there, either. I can fly for awhile, sit in the shade if I get too hot, use the facilities and get back up in the air without having to leave the site.

If you are just getting started kite flying, you should check out the Kite Map site. They have great kite flying locations all over the globe that works with google maps, so you can really see the area if you’re unfamiliar with it. You also get all the weather information you could possibly need right there on the site, too. They will let you know if any kite flying associations fly there and if so, when they meet. You’ll also find out what the parking situation is (always good to know, especially if it costs money).

What about you? Where do you like to fly?